DTA to focus on the youth and poverty-stricken

24 Nov 2013 12:10pm
WALVIS BAY, 24 NOV (NAMPA) – DTA of Namibia president McHenry Venaani says the 2014 elections should not be based on personality contests or tribal score-settling, and should instead be a battle of ideas that move Namibia forward.
Speaking at the DTA’s one-day policy congress held here on Saturday, Venaani said the party’s agenda is central in making new inroads on undecided young voters, as well as voters trapped in poverty.
The congress, which was attended by members of the party from all 14 regions, served as the earmark initiative of the party’s 2014 election campaign. It also provided a platform for the streamlining and correcting of the party’s policies and constitution, which is aimed at supporting the transformation and rebranding of the party.
Venaani indicated that the DTA will base their platform on poverty reduction, unemployment, education, health, housing and agriculture as their main key focus issues instead of basing it on the “tribal card”.
Presenting a progress report, he informed the party members that two months were spent on the party’s constitution to enable it to represent new, contemporary issues as opposed to past issues which are no longer relevant.
“We the collective should not shy away from bringing new approaches to modernise our party, and open discussions should continue in earnest to pave the way to revival, reform and transformation. We have worked on a comprehensive overhaul of our party’s national constitution to represent new contemporary interests as opposed to the past arrangements that are no longer relevant today,” he stated.
Venaani went on to say the democracy and stability enjoyed in Namibia comes at a very expensive price and the private sector must not become passive in assisting opposition political parties.
“We need political balance in our country - both a vibrant opposition party and an able Government. However, the private sector tends to secure their bid in ruling parties in hopes of getting lucrative deals,” he noted, adding that they therefore avoid sustaining the opposition.
He also noted that the ruling Swapo-Party and the Government should not think that the fact that they are now “creating policies on nearly every matter” is helping their governance record.
Venaani said their reason for designing the new policies before the elections is a result of previous policies failing the public.
He further called on all Namibians who have “lost faith” in politics to rise up in their thousands and register as voters to be able to decide on the destiny of their country through democratic means.
The National Assembly and Presidential Elections are scheduled to take place in November next year.