Gochas murder case postponed to July

11 Jun 2018 14:50pm
REHOBOTH, 11 JUN (NAMPA) - A man accused of stabbing his cousin to death at Gochas on 24 March this year, made his third appearance in the Aranos Magistrate’s Court on Monday.
Willem Kooper, 24, appeared before Magistrate Agatha Okamaru on a charge of murder.
The case was on the roll for finalisation of the accused’s Legal Aid application, however he has not received feedback from the Directorate of Legal Aid in the Ministry of Justice.
It is alleged that the 28-year-old Andries Kooper died after allegedly being stabbed by the accused at their home in the Hei-eib residential area.
The accused was allegedly under the influence of alcohol when he got home and started arguing with the victim.
Andries Kooper was stabbed on the right side of his neck and died on the scene.
The matter has been postponed to 17 July 2018 for the accused to enquire and finalise his legal aid.
Kooper was denied bail and is being held at the Gochas holding cells.
Waomba Murangi represented the State.