We strive to meet people’s needs despite meagre resources: Coetzee

07 Jun 2018 14:00pm
KARASBURG, 07 JUN (NAMPA) - Karasburg East Constituency Councillor, Dennis Coetzee has said that despite the meagre resources at their disposal, they strive to meet the people’s needs.
Coetzee made the remark at an event held at Karasburg on Wednesday to inform residents of the constituency of happenings in their area.
“The financial difficulties we are currently experiencing in our country is a hampering factor, but we are recovering slowly but surely,” he said.
Coetzee said some capital projects that were budgeted for have had to be stopped due to budgetary constraints.
He said the community should not let the unfinished projects frustrate them.
“People sometimes get frustrated and hold the regional councillor responsible and say the councillor is doing nothing,” he said, adding that councillors in their respective constituencies are “currently operating without any money.”
“The much needed Constituency Development Fund is once again under discussion and this time we hope it will be approved in order for it to be implemented for small development projects in our communities,” Coetzee said.
The proposed fund is expected to make direct budgetary provisions for constituencies and would enable individuals in a given constituency to identify developmental challenges, come up with project proposals to address these challenges and apply for funding to get their projects off the ground.
Coetzee among others pointed out that his office managed to renovate a community hall at Grünau for N.dollars 40 000 and assisted seven pensioners in Karasburg with their electricity bills totalling more than N.dollars 44 000 during the 2016/17 financial year.
A number of ministries during the meeting also informed the community members of what they have to offer them and spoke of the challenges they face in their respective ministries.