Courts record 30 000 cases of child maintenance

06 Jun 2018 17:50pm
WINDHOEK, 06 JUN (NAMPA) – Over 30 000 cases of child maintenance have been opened with magistrate’s courts countrywide since independence.
According to recent information availed to Nampa by Chief Public Relations Officer of the Judiciary, Yvette Hüsselmann, the highest recorded cases were the 1 475 in 2001 and the least were 557 in 2017.
In 2018, 171 files have been opened between 01 January and 22 March.
Hüsselmann emphasised that over 3 000 active payments were recorded at the cash halls on monthly basis.
She added that the active payments stated exclude payments done by defendants directly to bank accounts of complainants, beneficiaries, through cellphone payment services and institutions such as schools, doctors and taxi fees.
“There are 8 092 inactive maintenance register cards where defendants stopped paying and complainants are not coming forward to report their failure to pay,” she said.
Hüsselmann noted that there are 198 files with the Public Prosecutor for criminal prosecution for failure to pay maintenance, with 124 of those still to be summoned for appearance, while 74 are on the Court Roll.
She added that the courts are faced with challenges of opened files that have been terminated or suspended maintenance orders as only few come to apply for termination.
Hüsselmann also said that most of the files as from 1998 backwards might have been suspended, however, the courts are not in a position to do so on behalf on the parties under the obligation to apply for suspension, extension as well as termination.