Application for fishing quotas promoting exclusion: Likukela

04 Jun 2018 18:30pm
WINDHOEK, 04 JUN (NAMPA) - Governance reforms such as the application criteria for fishing quotas are promoting exclusion, Managing Director of Twilight Capital Consulting, Mally Likukela said.
In a media statement issued on Monday, Likukela said the recent announcement by Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhardt Esau that fishing quotas would not include closed cooperations, conveyed a message of exclusion – leaving out the poorest and most marginalised groups in Namibia.
Esau announced last week that only Proprietary Limited (Pty/Ltd) would be up for considered for fishing rights and fishing quota allocations this year.
Likukela said the change in the application requirement seemed to give preference to the ‘highest citizens’.
“Prioritising marginalised populations is a political process that needs different strategies to be implemented,” Likukela said.
He added that government had to empower the furthest left behind groups to achieve inclusivity, by giving them voice and widening their choices and allowing them access to the mainstream economy.
He further recommended that government should identify the subgroups of the population that are difficult to target such as those in minorities, marginalised and discriminated against.
“When implementing a government policy that is intended to bring everyone on board, certain ethnic groups, age groups, sex and occupation are usually left behind simply because everyone knows them, but no one takes responsibility over their specific needs and thus tend to be ignored and eventually left out,” he stated.
Government should also consider those disadvantaged due to their socio-economic situations such as low income groups and the elderly.