Meundju Jahanika accused of looting Nudo funds … to dragged before the ACC this week

03 Jun 2018 14:30pm

The Nudo infighting has taken a dramatic twist with Josef Kauandenge having yesterday accused party secretary general, Meundju Jahanika, for looting party funds with impunity.

The accusations come in the wake of the party comrades having fired each other from the party following a disputed congress between Team Nudo led by Ester Muinjangue and VK 100% led by Vetaruhe Kandorozu. 

 Kauandenge has come out to question why the   Jahanika had not been fired for his alleged transgressions of linking his personal account with that of the party and syphoning N$30 000 from a Bank Windhoek account.

He said questions were sent to Mbai as to why nothing had ben done about it and no reply came.

  Jahanika also stands accused of failing as the party’s chief accountant   to put accounting principals in place which led to a certain Anna Antonda, allegedly a worker at party head office, to be paid N$5 000 per day for a period of 44 days amounting to N$200 000.

“Till this day we don’t know whether this money was repaid or not and if repaid why Mr. Jahanika as accounting officer was not called to order and suspended,” said Kauandenge.

He went on to say, “Mr. Jahanika entered into an agreement with a certain Mr. Kapukire to buy a house that was meant to become a property of Nudo so as to make that house the party head office in Katutura.”

“Mr. Jahanika paid this gentleman Mr. Kapukire an amount of N$270 000 to buy this house, without doing any due diligence to make sure before using party money, that first there is a deed of sale, secondly that all procedures that entails buying a property has been meet with, before withdrawing a cent from the party coffers.”

Kauandenge has said up now this money has not been recovered while controversy continue to surround the said house allegedly between Kapukire and his sister “since both inherited the house from their mother, and the sister refused to sell the house,” he added.

 Although the money has been paid out, it is alleged that the party does not up to now own the house while there are doubts on whether it will ever be recovered.

 “We therefore ask were Mr. Mbai’s boldness to fire and suspend at will was during   these past two years when the former Secretary General was busy misusing public funds? We hold it that our so called suspension is aimed at making sure that those who have looted party funds are not brought to book.”

“We would therefore register a case of misusing of public funds by the former Secretary General on Tuesday this week with the Anti Corruption Commission, and we will provide documentary proof to that extend as there is sufficient grounds or proof for prosecution,” said Kauandenge.

On their suspension, he said they would not challenge it since it had no legal standing in law as it was taken by an “illegitimate leadership that has expired.”

“Therefore for us it is business as usual both in our various municipalities as Councillors and as members of Nudo, until a competent court of law decide otherwise.”

We repeat here that we were duly elected by the party members from across branches at the said congress, and if we are to be suspended then all those members who voted for us must be suspended as well. But that will not happen now or in the future because we are the legitimate leaders of this party,” he declared. 

Although a decision was taken to recall Kauandenge from the municipality where he serves on the ticket of Nudo, by Sunday he informed that he was still at his job. 

Jahanika did not pick up his phone when The Villager contacted him yesterday for evening.