Budget cuts no excuse for not implementing policies: Kauma

30 May 2018 18:20pm
RUNDU, 30 MAY (NAMPA) – Councillor of Rundu Urban and Member of Parliament, Vicky Kauma has urged office bearers to implement policies and stop using budget cuts as an excuse for not doing their work.
Kauma said this on Monday at a post-mortem meeting of the clean-up campaign held last Friday, when people in attendance accused councillors and other officials in the Rundu Town Council of “sleeping on duty.”
She acknowledged the allegations, especially the one from the opposition, Councillor Mathew Wakudumo of the All People’s Party, who said politicians should not shy away from confronting people who neglect their work because they fear losing votes.
Kauma said she will take up the issues with her fellow councillors. She also asked people holding decision-making positions in organisations to not use budget cuts as reason for not implementing policies that can benefit the people.
“Budget cuts were not implemented for the years since the country got its independence, only in a year. Why haven’t we implemented the policies in the past 27 years before the budget cuts?” she asked.
Kauma also showed her dismay over the poor turn-out of Government ministries and agencies that were expected to give feedback on the clean-up campaign and give recommendations for future clean-up activities. She, however, applauded the public that came out in numbers to take part in the event on Friday.
Apart from Wakudumo’s comment, some people in attendance blamed the council for not implementing its bylaws to make sure that the public do not litter in town, especially street vendors.
They said street vendors were reluctant to participate in the clean-up campaign, whilst they are the ones that mostly contribute to the waste in town.
Oliver Manungo, who represented the Communal Land Development Project, in his contribution suggested that in order to fight littering in the town, the council should come up with municipal policing as a department to enforce existing bylaws of the council.