Okakarara U-Save employees forced to work long hours

30 May 2018 14:40pm

Following The Villager’s exposure of how Shoprite is exploiting its long time serving employees, a whistleblower at the Okakarara U-Save supermarket has come out to reveal that 15 employees are being forced to work long hours without getting paid over-time.

According to the whistleblower who happens to be employed by the supermarket, this started about eight months ago and has been going on ever since a new manager arrived.

“We have been trying to negotiate with the manager as employees to be paid over-time but he refuses. Most of the employees here do not know anything about labour laws. We are working very long hours and knocking-off late between eleven and twelve o’clock at night. Once we knock-off, it is very dark and the worst part is the company does not provide transport for us to be dropped off at our homes,” the employee fumed.

In a shocking revelation, allegations have also come to light that the manager started off by complaining that the employees were enjoying relatively high salaries, implying that they needed to be slashed down.

“We then told him that it was just a matter of us working harder and that is one of the reasons we are paid well. We used to get our over-time when the old manger was here but when the new manager came everything is just chaos,” the employee said.

The old manager, this publication is informed, would record hours “perfectly” according to the time employees worked but ever since the new boss walked in, the weather changed for the workers.

“The new manager does not care about any of the payment issues and number of hours the employees are working,” the whistleblower said. 

When contacted for a comment, the new manager refused to give his name, rather requesting The Villager to come to Okakarara for an interview.

However, the employee has identified the manager as Natangwe Simon.

“You need to send me proof that the employees are not paid over-time and from what time until when they are working to claim over-time. Are you in Okakarara? I do not talk to newspapers on the telephone. Please come to our office.”

“We are receiving many calls from people from different places and there is no way I can comment. I do not know if you really are from a newspaper. I do not want you to send me an email to prove it, even from your boss’ email address,” he said.

He directed employees to approach the labour office and not the media which he said was there to tarnish the name of the company.

“Why should I answer your questions. I do not have any answer to your questions like you do not have an answer why the employees choose to go to the newspaper and not the labor offices,” he fumed.