Court battle continues as divorced couple tear each other over a Gobabis farm

30 May 2018 14:10pm

 A divorced couple, Mara and Zebalth Uazenga, is battling it out in the Land Tribunal for rights over a Gobabis resettlement farm and their case was yesterday postponed to the 9th of August after it came out that lawyers representing the government attorney came unprepared.

The lands ministry had terminated Mara Uazenga’s rights as co-lessee of the farm   inspite of the couple having been married in the community of property.

It is also alleged that the wife had been left to tend the land for a good four years alone. 

 Counsel for Mara’s ex-husband, Happy Ntelamo, last month indicated that the two were fighting and living separately on the farm while it has also come out that water supply had been cut by the other party on the farm. 

Mara who also happens to be the general manager for finance at the Electricity Control Board (ECB) agreed with the other party not to get a court order for the water supply to be reopened but that they would work it out themselves. 

A solution was also reached that since the land still belonged to government, officials for the ministry of land at Gobabis would be asked to have the water opened. 

Her case was opened by the tribunal last month after which it had to be postponed for the 30th of May only for lawyers representing the state to ask for a postponement citing that they “didn’t get instructions on time.”

As such they failed to file their heads of argument three days prior and were given ample time to do so on or before the 29th of June.

The tribunal pointed out that it had granted postponement” reluctantly” while the lawyers were instructed to pay wasted costs to Mara’s lawyer, Dennis Khama. 

 Meanwhile, member of the tribunal constitute with a Windhoek lawyer Elize Angula, fulltime and Namibia Agriculture Union (NAU) president and commercial farmer Ryno van der Merwe, Clara Bohitile,  Clive Kavendjii and  Orben Sibeya who also happens to be a lawyer.