Ohorongo cement to buy non-recyclable material from Clean-up Campaign

30 May 2018 13:50pm

Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd will be buying non-recyclable waste material that has been collected during the national clean-up campaign that took place last week. 

The material will be used in the company’s manufacturing processes, public relations and corporate communication manager of Ohorongo Cement Esther Mbathera told The Villager. 

“The material includes plastic bags, sweet wrappers, straws and potato chips packets which were collected. The material will be bought from Rent-A-Drum which will collect waste from all dumping site within the regions,” she said. 

She added that the selected non-recyclable materials are good source of energy for the furnace known as the Kiln used in the manufacturing process of cement. 

Mbathera explained that similar waste has been used in the Kiln together with other alternative fuels since last year and the company also uses wood and charcoal that it buys from local farmers. 

“The Kiln section is key in the cement manufacturing process and has a gas temperature of up to 2 000 degrees Celsius. This guarantees complete combustion of organic substances,” she said.

She added that this done in a sustainable manner that ensures that no harmful emission is released. 

Mbathera also noted that Ohorongo Cement factory will ensure that the waste is disposed permanently at the factory in a safe and sustainable manner.