WBCG plans to expand its offices to USA and Europe

30 May 2018 13:40pm

Walvis Bay Corridor Group plans to expand its business to development offices to the United States of America and Europe.

The group has already set-up business development offices in other African countries and South America, acting chief executive officer, Clive Smith said at the information sharing session on Namibia’s Logistic Hub Initiative on Tuesday. 

"We are looking at the possibility to expand our offices in order to grow. This will also be an opportunity for the country to bring in more investors to do business in our country rather than using the country as a route to transports their products,” he said. 

He added that the group currently has offices in Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa and Brazil.

Smith further said that the Port of Walvisbay is one of Africa's most efficient ports but transport infrastructure remains competitive. 

“About 1/3 of African countries are landlocked and the port is the gate way. We need to expand the business in order to grow ourselves. Our strategic geographical position serves as a gate way. This will also mitigate rural -urban migration,” he said. 

He added that as a logistics hub the port will also enhance SADC global competitiveness. 

The group was establish in 2000 to engage in business development activities.