Baines Vetcare Mobile Clinic and Have-A-Heart sterilise cats and dogs in Rundu

29 May 2018 07:10am
RUNDU, 29 MAY (NAMPA) – About 100 cats and dogs were sterilised and vaccinated against rabies in Rundu’s Ndama residential area between Saturday and Monday.
The operations were carried out by Dr Ian Baines of Baines Vetcare Mobile Animal Clinic, who worked in partnership with non-profit animal welfare organisation Have-A-Heart in Rundu and was assisted by Dr Maya Dahlberg.
He said during the operation, most of the animals were found to have transmissible cancer, which affects dogs and can be transmitted during mating.
“We also discovered that they have a lot of ticks and fleas which is not healthy for them or for their owners,” he said.
Baines said besides helping to limit uncontrolled breeding, sterilisation also improves the animals’ general health.
Have-A-Heart provides free spay and neuter services to dogs and cats of low and no income families across Namibia in towns and settlements.
It has partnered up with several veterinary clinics, as well as Baines Vetcare, the only mobile clinic in Namibia.
The mobile clinic operates on six established routes around the country and is currently on its north-eastern route.
It will be in the Zambezi Region from Tuesday.