I am the president- Muinjangue declares … as the Nudo’s house catches fire

28 May 2018 16:40pm

Nudo’s Utjiua Muinjangue has declared herself president of the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) as the party’s fissures break wide-open following a contested elective congress last Saturday.

She has rejected the postponing of the congress by the party’s outgoing president, Asser Mbai whom she has regarded as now powerless.

“The new leadership is all the other people who were part of the Nudo team,” she said when reached by the Villager yesterday.

She has trashed allegations that her supporters were at the lead in causing disruptions by trying to register new delegates unconstitutionally.

“No no no he (Kandorozu) is talking nonsense! What was unconstitutional according to him?” she queried.

Vetaruhe Kandorozu this week told this publication that the only constitutional list of delegates was the one with 540.

This, Kandorozu said, “Excluded the said branches from Aminius constituency and those of Erongo Region because they did not follow the procedures as per the decision of National Council that set on the 12th of May.”

“He is lying! We are the one that applied for the urgent court application based on what the former SG wanted to exclude, our branches and candidates. The court said that we knew about the exclusion of the branches at a meeting in May. So there was no urgency.”

“The issue was dismissed on the basis of t (there being) no urgency. Our lawyer, and you can call him, Kadhila Amoomo was trying to alert the court that it looks like the congress was not legally constituted.  Kandorozu’s lawyer said the issue that need to be ironed out should be taken to the congress. Based on that we went to the congress,” she explained.

She said that Friday when the congress roared to life, a questions was raised on whether proper procedures had been followed.

“Task was given to the National Executive Committee to sit on Friday so that they can refer the matter to the National Council which is our central Committee to mandate a national conference so that we can continue with the congress on Saturday whatever time.”

“Saturday morning, the same Kandorozu team, because they are in power, came back and said who mandated them?  The National Executive Committee meeting should be called by either the National Chairperson or Jahanika the former SG.  So they disappeared and switched off their phones. That was the strategy from their side,” she said.

When the congress was convened, said Muinjangue, the National Chairperson said the National Executive Committee could not sit, “But we will continue with the congress.”

It was then that people started to be registered, “And we continued with congress,” she said.

When Mbai came in to postpone the congress citing a chaotic process, Muinjangue said, “I told him that you’re no longer the president because Friday when you opened the congress officially, you said that we don’t have leadership we are going to elect a new leadership.”

As far as she was concerned, congress had finished with the election of a new leadership and based on that, she has claimed to be the highest authority of the party.

“Now he is saying that the congress has been cancelled or called off. By who? Because already (by) Friday he didn’t have power. So who called off. Where was it discussed, by whom or when? Our lawyer tried to warn that may be the congress may not come out well but they created that congress. They created the chaos,” she said.

As far as she is concerned, Kandorozu and team sabotaged the congress because they had no support.

“Mbai is no longer president of NUDO,” she fumed, “I am the president since Saturday the 26th of May 2018. The next congress that will take place is after five years, no other congress will be called because Mbai doesn’t not have that power.”