Arandis town council forced to sell municipal lodge at N$1.7m …as it struggles manage with maintenance cost

28 May 2018 14:50pm

The Arandis Town Council is looking for anyone who can take its 31 room municipal lodge off its hands for as little as N$1 798 975, as it can no longer maintain the facility.

The sale of Khan Lodge will help boost economic activities at the town at the town as the council does not rent out property, communications officer Irene Jacobs told The Villager.  

“Regarding maintenance the council faces challenges such as financial cost and that is the reason the council is selling Khan lodge. This will also help council manage its funds effectively. This is the only lode that is currently owned by the town council and the council has taken the decision to sell off the lodge,” she stated. 

She added that the council has also as welcomed open bids for sale of the lodge for prospective buyers. 

Furthermore, the council has received its shipment worth N$3 million that will go into construction of a state of the art medical university hospital at the town. 

Although construction is expected to commence next year the town has not mentioned how long it will take. “The first phase of the construction of the facility is expected to start next year on a date that will be shared soonest worth all relevant stakeholder. This is one of the major projects the town will witness in its history. We are expecting an influx of persons in search of job opportunities once the construction start” Jacobs said.