Mbai preaches unity amid Nudo divisions

26 May 2018 17:20pm
WINDHOEK, 26 MAY (NAMPA) – Outgoing National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) President, Asser Mbai has urged all party members to unite in the interest of the organisation, irrespective of the elective congress’ outcome.
Mbai made these remarks on Saturday at the Greiters Conference Centre when he officially opened the 3rd Nudo elective congress, which has been marred by factionalism, name-calling and mudslinging.
He reminded those in attendance that in any contest, there will always be winners and losers.
“After the election in question, let us unite unconditionally irrespective of the outcome, bearing in mind the bigger picture of our party, which is to mobilise for the upcoming National Elections.”
He further urged party members to dissociate themselves from members of other parties and to desist from making irresponsible statements on behalf of Nudo.
“I hereby humbly request you all to refrain from any unbecoming behaviour, such as name-calling which borders on character defamation of fellow party supporters or members,” he pleaded.
Mbai said congress should serve as an opportunity for the party to regroup and chart its future.
He called on the delegates to, among other things, review and amend the party constitution where deemed necessary.
In addition, the politician challenged Nudo members to engage in viable deliberations to come up with a vibrant constitution for the “effective and efficient running” of Nudo.
Mbai also asked party members to elect leaders with the propensity to address the challenges that confront present-day Namibia.
He pointed to the provision of quality education, equitable land distribution, provision of urban land and housing, employment provision, poverty eradication and wealth distribution.
There are two camps at the congess, Team Nudo, led by Utjiua Miunjangue and Team 100 per cent VK under the stewardship of Okakarara Constituency Councillor, Vetaruhe Kandorozu.
Both teams claim to be the right side to take Nudo forward for the next five years.