Nudo congress in full swing

25 May 2018 15:20pm
WINDHOEK, 25 MAY (NAMPA) - The National Unity Democratic Organisation’s (Nudo) third elective congress is underway at the Greiters Conference Centre on the outskirts of Windhoek.
Some 500 delegates from across the country have gathered to decide the party’s fate for the next five years.
When Nampa visited the centre Friday morning, Nudo delegates were in full party colours, singing verses such as ‘Ovandu ngamba mbinavo’ (Otjiherero for ‘I still have the people’); ‘Viva Kuaima wa Nahama’ and ‘Viva Kapuuo wa Mbambara’ in remembrance of two Nudo stalwarts, the late Ovaherero Paramount chiefs Kuaima Riruako and Clemence Kapuuo.
Abia Kambaekua, a delegate from the Kunene Region, told this news agency he was excited that the congress was finally going ahead.
“We are ready. The court case is water under the bridge now. Whenever there is competition, things like that are bound to happen,” Kambaekua said.
There were concerns that Nudo branches had sprung up in places where the party never had a constituency or vote in the past.
After these claims around 120 delegates were blocked from attending the congress and the disgruntled Nudo members resorted to the Windhoek High Court on Thursday, filing an urgent interdict to prevent the congress from taking place.
Deputy Judge President Hosea Angula who presided over the matter however was not satisfied with the applicants’ arguments, saying the case did not meet the merits of urgency and on balance of inconvenience, and he threw the case out.
Asked how the outcome could affect unity within the party going forward, Kambaekua said: “The party has grown and this is just a democratic exercise. For us, who follow Nudo as opposed to individuals, we will remain united and behind the party, come hell or high water.”
Echoing similar sentiments was former Opuwo Mayor and national chairperson candidate for the Vetaruhe Kandorozu-led ‘Team 100 per cent VK’, Karee Mupya, who said everything was on track.
“We followed all procedures. All our branches are here. Unlike others, we did not bypass party rules and procedures to create overnight branches,” he said.
On the contrary, another delegate, Wilson Katjita expressed discontent with events leading up to congress.
He accused party secretary general, Meundju Jahanika of perjury.
“He lied to the court and under oath by presenting false minutes to the High Court. We [Team Nudo] are going to charge him with perjury,” he said.
Team Nudo is one the two teams competing fiercely for Nudo’s heart and soul at the congress.
Numerous allegations, rumour mongering and name-calling characterised the run-up to the congress.
It culminated in the last-minute attempt by the disgruntled members to have the congress halted on Thursday.
The congress officially commenced at 15h00 with the registration of delegates, followed by an opening statement by party president, Asser Mbai.