RA launches 2018-2022 strategic plan

23 May 2018 18:30pm
WINDHOEK, 23 MAY (NAMPA) – The Roads Authority (RA) aims to construct, upgrade and rehabilitate more than 1 000 kilometres of roads around the country as part of its five-year strategic plan.
Chairperson of the RA Board of Directors, Brian Katjaerua during the launch of the organisation’s 2018-2022 strategic plan in the capital on Tuesday noted that the RA’s mandate is to manage the national road network of Namibia with a view toward achieving a safe and sustainable road sector.
“This plan provides the road map towards our vision of a sustainable road sector which is ahead of national and regional social economic needs in pursuit of Namibia’s Vision 2030,” Katjaerua said.
He added that the plan builds on the Roads Authority’s experience over the past five years.
The budgeted amount for the plan is around N.dollars 20.3 billion, with N.dollars 10.9 billion in funding from the Road Fund Administration; N.dollars 7.6 billion from the government and grants and loans worth N.dollars 1.7 billion.
The budget is N.dollars 4.8 billion higher than that of the previous strategic plan.
The plan centres around themes such as financial capacity, organisational capacity, road network management and stakeholder satisfaction.
Katjaerua said in order to address these strategic themes, the organisation also developed seven strategic objectives, which are ensuring organisational financial sustainability; inculcating ethical, performance driven culture; optimising information communication technology; enhancing capacity building; managing traffic and transport operations; availing and preserving the national road network and ensuring stakeholder satisfaction.
RA Chief Executive Officer Conrad Lutombi added that nine bridges are also expected to be constructed over the five years, while more than 8 000 kilometres of road will be resealed and gravelled.
“We also aim to contain the percentage of surfaced roads that are in unacceptable condition at 10 per cent, whereas gravel roads in the same condition will be contained at 40 per cent,” Lutombi added.