Youngsters allegedly involved in theft arrested in the capital

23 May 2018 17:30pm
WINDHOEK, 23 MAY (NAMPA) – The City Police on Tuesday arrested eight young people aged between 15 and 21 for alleged robbery, housebreaking and theft in informal settlements such as Ombili, Havana and Goreangab over the past six months.
City Police Senior Superintendent Gerry Shikesho told Nampa on Wednesday the suspects will not be released until the police have met with their parents.
He said the seven males and four females formed two gangs named ‘Skim Tumba’ and ‘Kwateni omunona’ that worked together.
“They would reportedly go to various alcohol outlets where they would identify their victims and when the victims go to their vehicles or to the restroom, they would rob them,” Shikesho said.
The suspects two days ago reportedly stabbed two victims, one of whom is in critical condition in the Katutura Intermediary Hospital.
Shikesho further explained that the suspects would operate between 22h00 and 04h00, and would sometimes go up to 06h00 “if business is good.”
“We are waiting for them to graduate. In fact they have graduated and are serious robbers,” said Shikesho, adding that the boys at times carry pangas, while the girls use knives.
The girls are reported to also practice prostitution.
The City Police Senior Superintendent added that further investigations will be carried out and should it be necessary, they might be referred for professional help.
He was reluctant to blame their actions on poverty as he said “there are other poor people who do not commit crime.”
Shikesho said dysfunctional family structures and moral decay might, however, play a role.
He said investigations by the City Police so far have found that none of the suspects are homeless.