Finance ministry senior staff arrested for stealing a generator

22 May 2018 14:20pm

Two senior employees of the finance ministry's customs and excise department were arrested and charged with the theft of an electrical generator belonging to ministry, last week Friday. 

The employees are currently in custody and it is still unknown when they will appear in court the minister of finance, Calle Schlettwein told The Villager. 

“We learnt of Customs and Excise staffs arrested on alleged theft of a power generator. Let me also emphasize our zero tolerance on corruption, unethical work conducts and similar vices. For the past 12 months up to today a total of 11 staff members, mainly from customs and excise directorate have been charged or under investigation,”

 He added that these incidences and similar such incidences must not be spared by the wrath of the law.

Schlettwein further said that once the two are released on bail than a hearing will be conducted. 

“This is a criminal case and I cannot discus much with you. What I can tell you is that the ministry will go through all the procedures that are in put in place to deal with the issue. It is still early to comment much on these case so I think it will be better to first get the information from the police in the meantime,” he said. 

He added that the ministries staff members are entrusted with managing public finances and rendering services to the public and the staff members conduct should be above reproach.