Engage in business creating discussions, Nekongo tells youth

22 May 2018 13:50pm
RUNDU, 22 MAY (NAMPA) – Swapo Party Youth League Secretary, Ephraim Nekongo has encouraged youth to engage in discussions on creating business entities and how to improve the country’s economy instead of taking about ‘unproductive’ issues.
Nekongo made the remarks here over the weekend at a meeting he held with SPYL members in the Kavango East Region during a regional visit.
“Those you watch and talk about in football teams such as Manchester United are players who are actually busy working. Do we talk about the economy as young people in bars? No,” he said.
He called on the youth to change their mind-sets and discuss critical issues while in each other’s company instead of talking about hate between different political camps.
Nekongo added that Namibia is spending billions of dollars on importing food when the country has regions with perennial rivers.
“We have land, we have water, but we continue to import vegetables. Do you want to tell me that all young people in this hall today cannot grow a tomato, onions or butternuts?” he asked.
The SPYL secretary further said Namibia consumes thousands of tonnes of chicken every year and imports chicken from South Africa and Brazil, which he said means the country is exporting jobs to these two countries.