MTC connects Uuvudhiya’s Engombe settlement

20 May 2018 18:20pm
ENGOMBE, 20 MAY (NAMPA) – Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) on Friday connected the settlement of Engombe at Uuvudhiya Constituency in the Oshana Region to its network grid through the 081EVERY1 network and infrastructure programme.
The company’s Corporate Affairs Department in a statement issued over the weekend indicated that the 081EVERY1 is part of a strategy to increase the number of customers, especially in rural parts of Namibia.
It pointed out that the strategy will see an increased number of customers access fast internet speeds from the comfort of their homes through their devices.
“Primarily, the main objective of 081Every1 is to ensure that the gap between urban and rural areas is significantly lessened so that rural parts of the country enjoy same network functionalities and benefits as those found in urban settings,” read the statement.
It added that in today’s era, telecommunications network connectivity is a necessity and network coverage has become one of the crucial wheels that drive the social and economic development for the people.
Minister of Information and Communications Technology, Stanley Simataa, accompanied by the constituency’s councillor, Amutenya Ndahafa and MTC’s Tim Ekandjo, was also at Engombe to commission the tower that enabled the settlement’s MTC connection.
“It is now 28 years post-independence and access to quality network connectivity should no longer be a privilege enjoyed by a small fraction of the population, but an essential service, which all citizens of the republic, both in rural or urban settings, should have access to,” said Simataa.
Also speaking at the same function, Ndahafa said he was happy the wait for proper connectivity for the people of his constituency is finally over.
Ndahafa at the same time appealed to the government to provide services such as health centres and police stations, which his community has been crying for since 2001.
Launched in August 2017, the 081EVERY1 programme is a two-year network infrastructure project spearheaded by MTC and supported by Government through the policy implementation and execution plans of the Harambee Prosperity Plan.
Its objective is by 2019, to have erected over 524 new network sites.