SPYL vows to expel members insulting leaders on social media

20 May 2018 11:20am
RUNDU, 20 MAY (NAMPA) – Secretary of the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL), Ephraim Nekongo said the league will expel members who are found insulting party leaders on social media platforms.
Nekongo made the remarks at a meeting he held with SPYL members in the Kavango East Region on Saturday during his regional visit.
“I will not allow anarchy within the youth league, unless if I resign. But for as long as I am the Secretary, that will not happen. We know that you are insulting leaders on Facebook,” he said.
Nekongo said the leadership will act if any member is found to do that, stating that the code of conduct that was approved in Zambezi applies to all regions.
“The disciplinary committee is already established. It is not Nekongo that will expel you but the SPYL,” he stressed, adding that while he too is a victim of insults on social media platforms, he does not care.
“We cannot even allow members associating themselves with other political parties such as the All People’s Party or the Popular Democratic Movement. Some members are even impressed by how Venaani speaks and say he speaks better than some of the party members,” he said.
He asked members who do that to rather join these parties as that is a sign of them hibernating in the party.
“Even in your own house, you do not insult your parents. You do not insult parents even if there may be challenges with the family. Where are we going as a nation?” he asked.