I will crush Kandorozu: Miunjangue

19 May 2018 18:20pm
WINDHOEK, 19 MAY (NAMPA) – National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) Presidential hopeful, Utjiua Miunjangue is convinced that she has the numbers on her side to emerge victorious against her competitor for the party presidency, Okakara Constituency councilor Vetaruhe Kandorozu at the congress.
Miunjangue made these remarks during “Team Nudo’s” final star rally at UN Plaza in the capital on Saturday.
The two candidates, who have each anointed themselves as the right candidate to take Nudo forward, will go head-to-head on the 25-26 May 2018, when the party holds its elective congress in the capital.
“I will be in the congress. I will compete against whoever and I will crush (them),” said Miunjangue.
Beaming with confidence, Munjangue was convinced about re-writing the history books to become Namibia’s first female political party head.
She vowed to return Nudo to its rightful place, as those who are currently at its helm have turned it into a self-enrichment property for a select few.
According to the politician-cum-academic, Nudo has achieved nothing in the last five years since its current President Asser Mbai took charge.
“The two leaders that we have in the National Assembly have failed the party. They are only there for the salary that they are getting. They don’t care about the interest of the people,” she said in reference to Mbai and Nudo secretary general (SG) Meundju Jahanika.
“From the President, the SG, the deputy SG and onward. They have lost vision. They have lost integrity,” she immediately after taking the podium.
On the state of affairs in the party, she added that Nudo is in a pathetic state, something she attributes to dormant leadership.
“The party is in a serious pathetic condition and we need to rescue the party. Who are the people to rescue the party? It’s Team Nudo under the leadership of Utjiua Miunjangue,” she told the crowd of about 300 people.
Furthermore, she said it was about time the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) investigated Nudo’s leadership, whom she accused of looting the party coffers.
“ACC must investigate these thieves that are stealing the party’s money and they must be taken to task,” vented Miunjangue.
If elected into power, Miunjangue said she would ensure the prudent management of the party’s meagre resources while also innovating other possible revenue generation streams.
Another issue of concern for the presidential hopeful is the fact the party’s financial books and audit reports are yet to see the light of day in the last five years.
Team Nudo’s candidate for vice president is Aminius Constituency councilor Peter Kazangominja while Windhoek councilor Joseph Kauandenge is its candidate for the SG position.
On the other end, Kandorozu’s slate is composed academic Professor Jekura Kavari as its VP candidate while current SG, Jahanika, will try to retain his position.