Many schools and clinics without electricity in Kavango West

17 May 2018 19:50pm
RUNDU, 17 MAY (NAMPA) – The Kavango West Region still has a backlog of schools and clinics without electricity, according to the region’s Governor, Sirkka Ausiku in her third State of the Region Address delivered at Nkurenkuru recently.
She said this should be made a priority under the Rural Electrification Programme as a total of 78 schools out of 176 and six clinics out of 20 and one constituency office out of eight are still without electricity.
Ausiku said during the period under review, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) only had one project, the electrification of schools and government institutions in the region.
She noted that currently six schools and one constituency office (Mankumpi) have been electrified.
The schools are Ruu-Rumwe in the Kapako Constituency, Sihetekera in the Ncamagoro Constituency, Mbome and Kamupupu in the Tondoro Constituency, Namuntuntu in the Mpungu Constituency and Satotwa in the Mankupi Constituency.
Ausiku also raised concern about the low number of applications submitted by communities towards the financing of renewable energy technologies through the Solar Revolving Fund (SRF) as only 11 applications were approved from the region.
Similarly, the region also has a number of registered Renewable Energy Providers, required to provide services of installing and maintaining the solar systems of the beneficiaries, she pointed out.
The Rural Electrification Project is part of Government’s economic development policy to expand electricity supply infrastructure to rural areas so as to improve the socio-economic conditions of citizens and create the necessary incentives for economic development in the targeted areas.
The SRF is a credit facility established by MME to stimulate demand for the utilisation of renewable energy technologies in the rural areas, especially for communities living in off-grid areas, but also to urban clients.