Double storey shacks on the increase in the city

16 May 2018 17:50pm
WINDHOEK, 16 MAY (NAMPA) – Double storey shacks in the informal settlements of Windhoek are on the increase due to insufficient space in residential yards.
A resident in Hakahana, Monica Nedongo, owner of a double storey shack, told Nampa on Tuesday that due to limited space to conduct her business, a double storey was the only solution.
“I did my double storey house in 2016, because I wanted to open a small business to get extra income and as the erf is small, having a sleeping room upstairs was my last option,” she said.
Nedongo added that safety is not really a concern as they put metals in-between “and it’s only a sleeping room on top, besides, there are also some boards added just for comfort”.
Another resident, Haufiku Kamane of Babylon told Nampa that the double storey is less costly, compared to renting.
“I don’t have to go rent a place for my business just because my space is small, I decided to make use of the available option, which is a double storey,” Kamane said.
Upon inquiry, spokesperson of the City of Windhoek, Scheifert Shigwedha said they were aware of the existence of such shacks and stressed that all shacks are informal and temporary structures, thus not guaranteeing the safety of occupants.
“The informal structures do not have certification or approved engineering designs,” he emphasised.
Shigwedha said building a double storey shack in informal areas is an individual choice as these are temporary structures, however, engineering approvals are required when building a double storey house.