Money complaints threaten NWSFD kick-off

16 May 2018 14:10pm
REHOBOTH, 16 MAY (NAMPA) –Teams in the North West Stream First Division (NWSFD) have vowed not to play their round 1 and 2 fixtures scheduled for Oshikuku, Tsandi, Uukwangula and Ogongo this weekend due to a lack of funds.
A few team officials who spoke to Nampa on condition of anonymity on Tuesday said they had not yet receive any of the N.dollars 12 000 start-up capital from the league organisers and were thus not planning on honouring their first fixtures.
“We give the league until Thursday to pay the money into our accounts. If not, then the ball will not roll,” one of the team officials said, adding that teams cannot be forced into starting the league without any funds as they need funds to travel and pay for accommodation.
The source further said teams are standing their ground and will not play until the money issue is resolved.
“We were told we would receive N.dollars 12 000 as start-up capital with only N.dollars 5 000 to be paid this week and the rest next week. Imagine travelling with only that amount where you have to pay for fuel and accommodation of players,” the official said.
Another team coach said they were told the league will kick off this coming weekend.
“We received the fixtures for the coming weekend, but as long as we do not receive the whole money we will not play. For a traveling team accommodation alone is N.2 500 per day, meaning the amount given to us will only cover that,” the official said.
League Administrator of NWSFD Lydia Hakandonga on Tuesday confirmed that teams will receive N.dollars 5 000 this week and the remaining N.dollars 7 000 at a later date.
“It is true that we will only be able to give teams what we have. If they refuse to play then it is not our problem, nor is it their problem because we can’t force them to play. We don’t have money and the amount is what we can give at this stage,” she said.
She said the league will definitely start this week and will be divided into two pools of six teams each.
Meanwhile, a letter seen by this news agency, written by NWSFD chairperson Fillemon Vatilifa and addressed to one of the teams on Wednesday, said the N.dollars 5 000 will be paid before the end of the week, with the remaining N. dollars 7 000 to be paid before the completion of the first leg.
The letter also states the league was given a due date of July to complete the league in order to pave the way for the resumption for the new 2018/2019 season.
Vatilifa could not be reached for comment.