Eenhana tables reduced budget

15 May 2018 19:20pm
EENHANA, 15 MAY (NAMPA) – The Eenhana Town Council on Monday tabled its 2018/19 budget worth N.dollars 87 million with the biggest chunk, N.dollars 40.7 million, reserved for capital development.
Tabling the budget on Monday, Eenhana Mayor Amos Nangolo indicated that it is a decreased budgetary allocation compared to N.dollars 89.2 the previous financial year.
The 2018/19 budget was tabled under the theme ‘Making impact, where it matters’, adopted from the theme of the national budget.
“This year’s budget has been drafted to further cement our resolve to exercise financial prudence whilst trying to optimally address some of the pressing socio-economic needs affecting our people,” Nangolo said.
According to him, Eenhana Town Council has prepared its 2018/19 budget under precarious conditions due to the fact that Namibia’s economy is still under extreme pressure.
The situation of economic hardship, Nangolo said, has led to a predicament where central government will also not be in a position to effectively and adequately support the local authorities.
“The little that is left is divided amongst so many local and regional authorities in the country,” he explained.
He then suggested that local authorities ensure that the resources at their disposal are optimally utilised in order to yield tangible results and to bring about much needed development to residents of their towns.
Nangolo said the latest budget focuses on housing provision and serviced land for the poor, adding that less than 35 per cent of its operational budget goes towards personnel expenditure.
Ohangwena Regional Governor, Usko Nghaamwa and the Ohangwena Regional Councillor for Eenhana Constituency, Nehemia Haufiku also attended the tabling of the budget.