Christian women asked to participate in politics

14 May 2018 14:20pm
RUNDU, 14 MAY (NAMPA) – It will be a mistake for Christian women to isolate themselves from politics, Swapo Party Women’s Council Secretary, Eunice Ipinge has said.
Ipinge said this during the official launch of the Women Embracing Change Namibia (WECN) organisation here on Saturday.
Speaking in her role as WECN patron, she said by abstaining from the public sphere, Christian women are compromising themselves on one of the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith. This, according to Ipinge, states ‘You should love your neighbour as yourself’, which she added means “love for a neighbour is to protect their rights and freedoms”.
“Thus, the need for Christian women to involve themselves in politics should be obvious and evident that they are the ones more ideal for political roles,” Ipinge told close to 100 women who attended the gathering.
“When women of God do not take it upon themselves to vote or run for public offices, they will carelessly leave the fate of the future generation in the hands of wicked and immoral people.”
The WECN organisation is aimed at uplifting, motivating and educating women, and was founded by local businesswoman, Josephine Ndara, who also runs another non-profit organisation, ‘Immanuel Foundation Namibia’, catering for orphans, vulnerable children and widows.
Ipinge said the organisation touched her heart as it is composed of God-fearing people.
“The Bible points out that only the righteous can truly understand the rights of the underprivileged, as much of today’s world is plagued by poverty.”
Other presentations that women could benefit from included women in business; women embracing change; what God expects from women; women abuse; what causes divorce; “let go of the past”; and leadership.