Nujoma is God's gift to Namibia: Mulongeni

12 May 2018 11:00am
ETUNDA, 12 MAY (NAMPA) – Founding President Sam Nujoma is a special gift from God to Namibia which was engulfed in a dark cloud of colonial suffocation, former Director-General of the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, Dr Ben Mulongeni has said.
Mulongeni said this on the first evening of a well-attended birthday celebration for Nujoma at his home village of Etunda near Okahao in the Omusati Region on Friday.
Nujoma’s 89th birthday on 12 May is celebrated under the theme ‘Building the future through unity and solidarity’.
Addressing the gathering, Mulongeni described Nujoma as a “star arisen to light up a darkened corner of the African continent”.
He said Nujoma, at an early age, had a dream to get Namibia out of foreign oppressor control, hence his resolve to provide leadership towards the struggle for freedom of the Namibian nation.
“In the early 1960s, he illuminated the connotations of the dream,” Mulongeni narrated.
He added that without a passport or any valid travel document, Nujoma crossed the borders to Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and reached Tanzania, where he eventually started Namibia’s liberation struggle.
“From Tanganyika (Tanzania) to Sudan, from there to Ghana and from Ghana to New York at the United Nations (UN), where he presented the plight of his country and its people,” noted Mulongeni, who is also a freedom fighter.
He said Namibia’s liberation struggle under Nujoma’s leadership had adopted three pillars: political front, diplomatic front and military front that forced the then apartheid regime of South Africa in Namibia to surrender.
Mulongeni told those present that Nujoma was inspired by the patriotic spirit, courage, fearlessness, bravery and visionary philosophy of heroes such as Hendrik Witbooi, Samuel Maharero, Jacob Marenga, Nehale lyaMpingana, Iipumbu yaShilongo and Mandume yaNdemufayo.
They are among the founders of the resistance against foreign control.
Also speaking at the same event, Swapo veteran politician, Ben Amathila said it is high time patriotic Namibians protect Nujoma against recent voices trying to down play his achievement in successfully leading the liberation struggle.
“Namibia got independent on 21 March 1990 after many years of struggle, frustration and unity under one goal,” Amathila pointed out.