||Kharas Second Division Coastal Stream Round 3 and 4 slated for this weekend.

09 May 2018 09:00am
REHOBOTH, 09 MAY (NAMPA) – The ||Kharas Second Division Inland Stream will continue with Round 3 and 4 this weekend with football matches in Lüderitz, Aus, Oranjemund and Rosh Pinah.
Speaking to Nampa on Tuesday, Chairperson of the ||Kharas Second Division Isak Fredericks said the league will go on as planned, and teams should not use the status of the Southern Stream First Division inactivity as excuse not to play their games.
Fredericks said teams in their region are concerned about the inactivity of the first division and is reluctant on playing scheduled games.
“This might come back to haunt us at a later stage. I therefore urge teams in the Coastal Stream to play their outstanding games during the first leg, otherwise they might forfeit their points,” he said.
Fredericks said the Inland Stream is well on track and applauded them for going about their business without problems.
On Saturday, Diamond City will battle against Men United at the Oranjemund Stadium at 15h00, while Aus will confront Rush-Ups from Lüderitz at 15h00 at the Aus Sports Field.
Oranjemund will face Atlantic Stars from Lüderitz at the Oranjemund Stadium at 15h00, with Mountain Rangers confronting Youngsters in Rosh Pinah at 15h00.
In Sunday’s Round 4 matches, Oranjemund will face Youngsters at 10h00, while Mountain Rangers and Atlantic Stars will go head to head at 10h00 at the Rosh Pinah Stadium.
In the penultimate match, Diamond City will face Aus at 12h00, with Rush Ups and Men United concluding the day’s matches at 15h00.