Omakange can become northern logistics hub: Endjala

08 May 2018 12:50pm
WINDHOEK, 08 MAY (NAMPA) – Omusati Governor, Erginus Endjala believes that the location of Omakange makes it an ideal place for business development and can become the logistical hub of northern Namibia.
Endjala made these remarks in an interview with Nampa recently, in which he said Omakange’s business potential should be unlocked and maximised for the benefit of its inhabitants.
“We should put our political or traditional differences aside and work on how Omakange can benefit us all,” said Endjala in reference to the longstanding land dispute between traditional authorities that has marred the area.
Endjala said Omakange was in the centre of a triangle that links Opuwo and Kamanjab in the Kunene Region and Ruacana in the Omusati Region.
“Omakange has a huge economic potential and can become the northern logistical hub. It will benefit both of us [Kunene and Omusati],” said Endjala.
He said the residents of the village itself, which is located 60 kilometres south of Kunene’s regional capital, Opuwo, need employment opportunities.
He said the leadership of both regions need to look at areas of growth which can be of mutual benefit to them.
“This can only be achieved by unlocking its business potential,” he said, adding, “Our people need a hospital. We need development to take place. Even this health center at Omakange is not big enough. We need a proper hospital.”
Over the last two decades, Omakange has been caught in land disputes, one of which has seen the Uukwaluudhi Traditional leaders and traditional leaders from the Kunene Region at loggerheads.
On the one hand, traditional leaders from Kunene are accusing their Omusati counterparts of illegally occupying and fencing off large tracks of land in Kunene, beyond their area of jurisdiction - at villages such as Omakange, Otjiurunga, Omuhama, Otjerunda, Otjondeka, Otjindjerese, Otuzemba and Ehomba - while the Uukwaluudhi Traditional Authority has refuted these allegations, saying the dispute was politically motivated.