Pregnant woman dies in car crash at Kapako

06 May 2018 15:20pm
RUNDU, 06 MAY (NAMPA) – A pregnant woman who is yet to be identified, died on the spot after the car she was in crashed with another vehicle on Saturday.
The incident happened in the Kapako Constituency of the Kavango West Region, Namibian Police crime investigations coordinator for that region, Deputy Commissioner Rudolf Mbumba told Nampa on Sunday.
The woman was in a silver Toyota RunX when it was hit by a Isuzu bakkie between Nkurenkuru and Rundu.
The driver of the Isuzu was overtaking two cars in front of him when he saw a cow standing in the road. In an attempt to return to his lane, he apparently lost control of the vehicle and it crashed into the Toyota RunX, hitting it on the left side where the pregnant woman was seated.
She died on the spot.
The driver of the bakkie and some of the passengers in the small car all sustained serious injuries and were rushed to the Rundu State Hospital.
None of them have been identified yet.
The next of kin of the pregnant woman are yet to be informed and police investigations in the matter continue.
In an unrelated incident at Rupara village, also in the Kavango West Region, a shebeen owned by Fransisco Ndjamba was broken into on Friday.
The suspects gained entry by breaking the door, Mbumba said, adding that they stole liquor and money, including some they took from a jackpot machine and juke box they broke.
The money, excluding that from the machines, together with the liquor value totals N.dollars 2 400.
The owner could not say how much money was stolen from the machines as they are in coins.
The suspects have not yet been arrested and police investigation continues.