Kunene governor comes to Khorixas twins aid

03 May 2018 14:20pm

Kunene Governor Marius Sheya has extended a hand of humanity to a family living in deplorable conditions in Khorixas, by assisting twin boys who were recently admitted in hospital for hunger.

Last week, The Villager reported that two 10 month-old boys were admitted at the Khorixas State Hospital due to hunger.

Their mother Priscilla Gawanas told The Villager last week that she was unable to provide for the children as she and their father was unemployed. The twins had just made their third visit to the hospital when The Villager spoke to Gawanas.

After The Villager’s report, governor Sheya alongside other councillors donated N$2000 worth of clothing items to the family as well as food items worth N$3000.

Speaking to The Villager, Sheya said it was heart-breaking for him to learn to know that there are innocent children in the country who survive on nothing but a cup of water per day.

“When I came across this story, my heart was in pain so I thought to myself, something needs to be done,” he said.

With the aim of making sure that the twins no longer go hungry, he said that he is currently pushing for their mother to be benefiting from availed social grants.

“I did it in my personal capacity where I took my own money and asked for assistance from my other councillors who were around by that time and decided to buy them clothes worth N$2 000 and food items worth N$3000. These things were bought just for temporary period while we doing the formal work in the office”.

“She told me that she has been applying for social grants since 2016 but has never gotten any feedback, but for now we have also suggested that she gets included in the food bank initiative. We have also advised her to contact the regional councillor after she is discharged from the hospital,” he said.

Gawanas told this newspaper that she cannot afford milk and is already struggle to take care of her other six children.