Liberation struggle children demand Ministry of Veterans Affairs recognition

03 May 2018 08:10am
WINDHOEK, 03 MAY (NAMPA) – The Children of the Liberation Struggle (CLS) on Wednesday gave the Ministry of Veterans Affairs 39 working days to respond to their request to be recognised and registered under the ministry as per the Veterans Act 2 of 2008.
CLS chairperson, Shapaka Paulus handed over a petition to Deputy Minister of Veterans Affairs, Hilma Nicanor, asking for amendments to be made to Act 2 of 2008 and Act 3 of 2013.
“On behalf of all CLS in Namibia, we humbly request the Ministry of Veterans Affairs to make some amendments to Veterans Acts 2 of 2008 and 3 of 2013, because we believe the definition of Act 22 May 2008 has fully recognised us as the dependents of veterans,” Paulus said.
The Veterans Act 2 of 2008 states that the Minister of Veterans Affairs must facilitate in the registration of veterans or dependents of living or deceased veterans to establish projects that will benefit them.
“The new Act 3 of 2013 is dividing the veterans by categorising them according to the years of participation during the liberation struggle, while the aim was one which is to liberate the country and we will never allow that to happen,” Paulus stressed.
He added that the two Acts are not communicating and therefore some amendments need to be made to accommodate everyone.
The group plans to camp at the Office of the Vice President, under which the Ministry of Veterans Affairs falls, should their demands not be met within the given time, citing this as their “third and last petition”.
In response, Nicanor said that she will communicate with the relevant authorities in relation to the petition and will formally respond thereafter.