N.dollars 4 million availed for Opuwo-Omakange road repair

01 May 2018 11:20am
OPUWO 01 MAY (NAMPA) – A total of N. dollars 4 million has been budgeted for the repair of the road between Opuwo and Omakange in the Kunene Region, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Roads Authority (RA), Conrad Lutombi has said.
In an interview with Nampa on Sunday, Lutombi confirmed that the money has been availed to repair the part of the road that was damaged by the heavy rains experienced in the region a few months ago.
“Road infrastructure development in Kunene is high on the agenda of the RA,” he said.
Lutombi further explained that the RA is aware of dangerous roads in the region which have claimed lives and plans are underway to upgrade such roads.
“We have planned to build the culvert over Oute River and it will commerce once the money become available,” said Lutombi.
The river is said to have claimed many lives once it is flowing.
Other roads on the agenda of the RA in Kunene are the road from Okaoko-Otavi to Sesfontein through Otjikondavirongo of which 23 kilometres have been tarred since September last year. The process was stopped and will continue once the procurement process starts, he explained.
Echoing Lutombi was Opuwo Urban Constituency Councillor, Weich Mupya, who is also the chairperson of the Kunene Road Board. He urged the RA to consider the construction of bridges over big rivers especially in the Epupa Constituency which, according to him, keeps contributing to the loss of lives.
To date the RA has, according to Lutombi, improved some regional roads from two track to wide roads that meet the standards of the RA, with about 144 kilometres of upgrading work completed on road between Epupa Falls and Ruacana.
Lutombi promised that the RA will do more assessment on the road condition in Kunene to determine the damage done in order to be able to attend to the infrastructure without delay.