Kandorozu targets Nudo triumph in Epukiro

30 Apr 2018 20:10pm
GOBABIS, 30 APR (NAMPA) – Okakarara Constituency Councillor, Vetaruhe Kandorozu has made a bid for his party, the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo), to snatch the Epukiro Constituency in the Omaheke Region from the ruling Swapo party.
Addressing delegates who will be attending the party’s third elective congress scheduled for next month, Kandorozu on Saturday urged them to work hard to win over the electorates in the Epukiro Constituency during next year’s national elections.
Kandorozu, who is leading a campaign for Nudo presidency, said the time was ripe for the party to take yet another constituency in the Omaheke Region, and that the Epukiro Constituency would be a perfect start.
“We came close on numerous occasions in Epukiro, as we did not lag far behind the winner. I think we should now embark on the next logical step, which is to win the constituency for Nudo,” he said.
Nudo currently has Aminuis and Otjinene under its belt, winning every election in those constituencies by large margins since independence.
The ruling Swapo party, however, still reigns supreme in the Omaheke Region with Gobabis, Kalahari and Okorukambe constituencies falling under its leadership.
The remaining Otjombinde Constituency falls under the leadership of an independent candidate, Katjanaa Kaurivi, who won it in the last general elections of 2014.
“Our aim is to unseat Swapo from the region by avoiding it getting a majority of constituencies in Omaheke. Our past performances is testimony that it can be done just as we have cemented our place in Otjinene and Aminuis,” Kandorozu said.
Kandorozu currently serves as the party’s deputy secretary-general (SG), deputising Meundju Jahanika.
Jahanika is vying to retain his position on a ‘Team 100% VK’ ticket, as Kandorozu’s campaign is known.
Lesley Kauandara is contesting for the deputy SG portfolio, while Jekura Kavari intends to occupy the deputy president position.
Other party members on ‘Team 100% VK’ are Vehonga Ketjijere and Gretchen Boois, who are vying for national treasurer and deputy national treasurer positions, respectively.
Likius Mupya and Juda Hangero are also both respectively campaigning for the positions of national chairperson and deputy national chairperson.