Hanse-Himarwa tears into her enemies … as she gets accused for snubbing Swapo 58th anniversary

30 Apr 2018 15:50pm

Basic education minister, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa has come out guns blazing against her critics who have accused her for absenting herself from the Swapo 58th anniversary.

The minister had no kind words and took time to pen down a strong-worded response in which she told her detractors off asking them to leave her alone.

Speaking with The Villager, the minister said it was absurd to be singled out for failing to show up at the party event when other high profile politicians also did not come.

“Some of the people were making it an issue and I do not know why it should be an issue. So many ministers were not there, so many CC members were not there, so many politburo members were not there. So what is this issue that Katrina was not there?” she queried.

Hanse-Himarwa said there is an agenda to tarnish her image, “I can’t understand. So you do not have a private life and since you are not there then you must now become a suspect? You’re against the party or you’re against something. That kind of nonsense!”

Pressed by this publication where she had been on the day of the anniversary, the minister said she was attending a family funeral and had no idea who was peddling the accusations.

“I got a life to live, I have a big life to steer and to lead. I am so fed up and I will not be bullied into silence of humiliation. I’m Katrina, I’m Swapo and that’s it. My principles of believing in Swapo have never changed, neither has my belief and trust in President Hage, as it was not about me but the bigger picture,” she said.

She also said that she had “stood with my people to prepare and organize for Swapo 58th anniversary” and she was at pleasure to share the success of the event.

“I gave them moral support, I gave them material support, I gave what I could. In fact our company bought two tables for N$20 000 on my instruction and my son Denzil Tryane Hanse, a farmer donated a cow worth ten thousand! My sister stood the whole night preparing meals for the event and my table cloths as well as decorations attire were used at the event,” she said.

The minister went on to say that she was “groomed in Swapo Youth by Cde Isaack Swartz (veteran)” whom she said was a former teacher from a tender age of twelve and has served Swapo ever since in various structures consistently.

“I served Swapo with my soul, my resources, my energy without any permission, because I believed in doing so. I created a formidable team at all levels I served, as teacher, HOD and as Secondary School Principal, as Local Authority, Councillor, Regional Councillor Governor for eleven years,” she said.

Hanse-Himarwa boasted for having led a team that took over Hardap from a DTA grip into Swapo foothold.

“My team and I were the first to boast the Hardap Region into a Swapo led local authorities. Nobody must come from anywhere and try to rewrite my history. I’m still alive and at peace,” she vented out.

She also said her ancestors were the first to wage a war against invasion of foreign force and that she would never be apologetic “on who I am and where I come from.”

“Nobody forced me into Swapo or neither did anybody do me a favour to bring me in Swapo therefore nobody must own or disown me in Swapo,” she lashed.

The minister, who is also battling a court case has come under fire from Yvonne Boois who questioned her fitness to “hold any position in the Namibian Public Service, let alone being the Head of the Ministry of Education.”

Boois has recently accused her of fighting, insulting, denigrating and breaking the morale of students.

She hipped on her, accusations ranging from corruptly using the funds (N$200 00) and resources of the Hardap Regional Development Trust Fund, physically assaulting innocent Swapo party members, influencing Tender Board decision, to secure funds for the company (Hipet Construction) owned by the husband of the then Governor.