Arandis road injures 12 over the weekend … as two separate accidents occur in same area

30 Apr 2018 15:30pm

Eleven people were injured including a baby last weekend when a black Toyota Yaris they were travelling in burst its tyre 40km from Arandis in the direction of Swakopmund.

According to information provided by Namibia Marshall Rangers’ Sheriff Sean Naude, four passengers were in critical condition including the baby.

The Villager could not immediately verify the names of the injured by the time of publication.

The Sheriff also reported another accident around the area another accident occurred yesterday morning when a motorist suffered a tyre burst again.

“There is a big problem in that very area. Have you noticed that so many accidents are happening in Arandis? We just had another one now but it is not serious. It’s just slight injuries,” said the Sheriff.

He said that previous rains washed away the road surface and there are sharp edges of tar causing the tires to get cut.

“The edges of the road are corroded away and this is causing the road to be rough and people’s tires are having their walls slashed and bursting tires. The roads are in bad condition they need to be fixed,” he said.

Speaking to The Villager, Roads Authority chief executive officer (CEO) Conrad Lutombi disputed that these two accidents could have been caused by the condition of the roads.

“I wouldn’t say the accident was caused by the road because I do not know whether that’s true or what. We know in many cases that’s not the issue because we are busy now with the refiling of that road from Arandis to Swakop as a holding measure.”

“From my experience it’s always people who do those kind of things because out of 1 000 vehicles that pass that road, how can it only be two vehicles? I do not know all the facts unless people provide us with them,” he said.

The Karibib-Usakos-Arandis-Swakopmund is part of the Harambee project and RA is tasked with the responsibility to upgrade it to a two plus one.

“The only challenge now is that we do not have adequate funding to start the project but we are already done with the design for the rehabilitation as well the upgrading so that the same road which you have from Okahandja to Karibib is the same one which you are going to have all the way from Swakopmund,” said the CEO.

He said engagement with government is already in the pipeline to get the require funding.