Diesel 500ppm to be phased out in January next year …to introduce 10ppm Sulphur diesel

30 Apr 2018 09:30am

The Ministry of Mines and Energy today announced that the phasing out process of Diesel 500ppm from the Namibian market will start effective 1 January next year.

Mines has advised industry players to take necessary measures to prevent inconveniencing their customers. Diesel 50ppm will still be available throughout the country, the ministry has said.

In a press statement, mines permanent secretary Simeon Negumbo said, low Sulphur diesel will be introduced in Namibia due to a demand by newer vehicle models in the market.

“The ministry of mines and energy will coordinate the implementation of the phase out of 500ppm Sulphur diesel and the introduction of 10ppm Sulphur diesel in Namibia by working in concert with the oil industry. The public should be on the look out, access the relevant information  and be prepared when the time comes,” Negumbo said further.