Ondonga faction fight continues

27 Apr 2018 22:10pm
ONAMUNGUNDO, 27 APR (NAMPA) – One of the two factions fighting over leadership in the Ondonga Traditional Authority held a press conference on Thursday at the palace in Onamungundo village, asking the community to reject the office opened by its rivals at Oniipa.
Ondonga Senior Councillor for the Oniimwandi district, Naeman Amalwa spearheaded the press conference, supported by newly appointed senior councillors, Nepando Amupanda, Paavo Amwele, Erastus Mvula, Naeman Kambala and Ester Nepando.
They claimed that the office, which was established by a group dismissed in July last year, did not receive the blessings of the head of the Ondonga Traditional Authority (OTA), Omukwaniilwa Immanuel Kauluma Elifas.
Amalwa’s group threatened that punitive action will be taken against anybody found guilty of illegally opening a second office for the OTA.
It is alleged that the seven dismissed traditional councillors; Josef Simaneka Asino, Vilho Kamanya, John Walenga, Petrus Shimweefeleni Kauluma, Kashona kaMalulu, Fillemon Nambili and Tonata Ngulu have opened a second office at Punyu Hotel near Oniipa this month.
“We came to learn that they call their newly established office Ondonga East Office,” alleged Amalwa, adding that Elifas has handed the matter to the government for intervention.
They warned the Ondonga community to refrain from using the services offered by the second office, but to continue paying their traditional levies at the recognised OTA office in Oluno.
“They have no right to receive any payment from the community. What they are doing is a scam and they are running the risk of being prosecuted,” said Amalwa.
Approached for comment, the opposing group admitted that they opened a temporary office on 19 March this year, following the mandate given to them by a meeting held and attended by hundreds of Ondonga community members at Oluno last month.
“The office is meant to serve the people of Ondonga who had been crying for services from us who are legitimate, since last year,” said Kamanya.
He charged that the head of the OTA is ailing and as such, is not fit to decide on their dismissal.
Supported by Asino, Kamanya argued that their office is temporary, adding that they are hoping to go back to the OTA office at Oluno by September, once the High Court’s Northern Division at Oshakati has finalised the case between the two factions.
The High Court’s Northern Division, Kamanya said, will sit to consider their case on 14 May this year and to set a date for its hearing.
“We believe the court will decide in our favour, for us to resume our duty formally towards the end of this year,” Kamanya concluded.