Aminuis councillor sounds alarm on impending drought

27 Apr 2018 06:20am
GOBABIS, 27 APR (NAMPA) – Aminuis Constituency Councillor, Peter Kazongominja has sounded the alarm on a looming drought in his constituency in the Omaheke Region.
Speaking shortly after the annual State of the Region Address by Omaheke Governor Festus Ueitele on Wednesday, Kazongominja said food security in Aminuis is under threat as drought conditions have set in.
The councillor called for urgent intervention by the regional leadership and relevant government structures to address the situation, which he said had reached critical levels.
“We are on the verge of a severe drought outbreak as early drought conditions are already being experienced by farmers. Grazing is virtually non-existent and livestock is losing body mass, which could lead to them dying soon,” he said.
Kazongominja implored the regional leadership to urgently convene discussions on the matter as any further delays could be detrimental to farming activities in the constituency.
“Honourable Governor, your intervention by leading efforts in this matter will be of utmost importance, as we all look up to your office to provide direction in such matters,” he said.
He called on Government to negotiate the leasing of land on nearby commercial farms for those hard hit by drought in his constituency as a contingency measure to mitigate the impact of the natural disaster.
Kazongominja said since the region has a large number of marginalised people, while many others depend on farming for their survival, a full outbreak of drought would be catastrophic to the constituency.
“We have people who are already struggling to feed themselves and are forced to rely on the goodwill of others for survival; how will they go through a drought such as the one we are bound to experience?” the councillor asked.
In response, Ueitele pledged to lead efforts that will seek solutions to the crisis, while adding that sole responsibility for the matter lies with the Disaster Risk Management Committee.
He said this committee needs to prepare a report on the matter and submit it to the relevant authorities – including the Office of the Governor – for input and deliberation.