SPYL secretary rubbishes “toothless bulldog” tag … maintains he was not wheel-barrowed into his position

26 Apr 2018 15:10pm

Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) secretary general, Ephraim Nekongo, has   rubbished criticism that the youth wing’s leadership is a toothless barking bull dog that shies away from effectively dealing with the party on pressing matters. 

This comes as the current youth leadership has surpassed 150 days in office and met yesterday at Swapo head quarters to deliberate on pressing issues in the presence of the party secretary general, Sophia Shaningwa. 

“It’s like taking a plane, you can not fly without first preparing, so we have been preparing ourselves. Some will not tell you that we are going to see the president. We can not all attack the president on social media but I can go and talk with the president and differ with him. I can differ with the secretary general on issues,” he told journalists.  

Nekongo said remarks made by some quarters that the youth league was not vibrant because there seems to be no tensions between it and the sitting president were counterproductive and lacked substance.

He also took a shot at the party’s renegade youths for having taken a radical stance that has yielded nothing.

“Tell me, as much as we now talk about those that are radical, what has radicalism brought? They said we were going to provide land but where are we?  Are we not back to square one?” he queried

Pressed on whether his criticism of social media political commentators showed his intolerance to diverse views, Nekongo said he was against the use of insulting language against the highest office of the land. 

He also reiterated that he was of wheel-barrowed into the secretary position and those that continue to think so were free to challenge him in the courts.

Nekongo also said he has since buried the hatchet with youth-top-guns like Mandela Kapere, whose voice had taken the lead in disputing his rise to being secretary. 

Meanwhile, the league has said investment in human capital and skills development was key to the economy.

They have called upon government to prioritise the land and housing issues and criticised the lack of innovativeness among some local authorities and municipalities who do not deliver on service. 

Recommendations on the speedy implementation of the Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Improvement Programs were also made in light of the deteriorating educational institutions. 

The youth also ciriticised the reduction on the budget for vocational education (from N$386 million to only 93 million) as contrary to ongoing development on human capital.