Street kids still getting high from petrol sniffing... public should stop giving them money - After School Center

26 Apr 2018 15:00pm

Petrol sniffing has become the most used method to get high by homeless children at Windhoek street corners, and they achieve this with the assistance of oblivious public donors. 

Homeless children are mostly getting petrol from the money they are getting from the community members the head of the After School Center, Maggy Katimba has told The Villager.  

“As we are all aware these children are begging for money saying that they are hungry. When they are given money they might buy food but at the end they are buying petrol to sniff. That is what these kids usually do. Petrol sniffing is a major problem we as care givers are experiencing as far as drug use by homeless children is concern,” she stated. 

She added that homeless children that are getting addicted to petrol sniffing are usually making sure that they get money to buy more petrol resulting in them staying away from the center. 

Katimba also said that community members need to refrain from giving money to homeless children and instead buy them food.

“What these children at the robots in Windhoek do is they say they are hungry and want to buy food. What the community members can do is buy them food are give them food if you have some in the car. Once you give them money they will use it to buy petrol. I want people to refrain from giving these children money. They are not doing them any favors at all,” she said. 

She added that children to use some other drugs too but the most common and the cheapest for them to get hold of is petrol.

Katimba says that petrol attends must also make sure that they do not just give petrol to without proper enquiries. 

“Petrol attendants as responsible citizens need to ask these children more before they sell petrol to them. Obviously they will find more out where the petrol will be used and by whom these specific child has been send. If they enquire more on the purchase of petrol they will find out what the intended  purpose is for petrol,” she said.