Koës community wants CEO out

25 Apr 2018 19:30pm
KOËS, 25 APR (NAMPA) – Over 80 community members from Koës in the //Kharas Region on Wednesday called for the resignation of the village Chief Executive Officer Willie Humphries.
These demonstrators handed over a petition to the Koës Village Council, detailing concerns of the community.
The petition, read by Ferdinand Swartbooi, said the community was not happy with the way Humphries is running the council office affairs, accusing him of arrogance and greediness.
The greed, according to the petition, relates to the trips Humphries undertakes, the related expenses, plus the subsistence and travel allowances paid to him.
“He is always on a trip, he is never available for enquiries by the community. Arrogance - suspending staff members left and right without any warning or sufficient evidence, and the councillors are playing along with his underhanded dealings.”
The community said they are also unhappy with the way Humphries handles tenders, as tenders are not passed through the procurement committee.
“Humphries is overruling the procurement board and thus, for the past three years, he has allocated tenders to his tribe and family members,” reads the petition.
The community feels that Humphries is not equipped and suitable to run the council office, and requested him to resign with immediate effect.
They further called on the resignation of councillors who are not active.
“Councillors such as Johannes Janser, who is a locally-based ambulance driver and Martha Pieters, who is a teacher in Gibeon. We understand that their vote could make a difference, but how if they’re never present at meetings,” said the petition.
Receiving the petition, Council Chairperson Johannes Cupido said the council will look into the petition and come back to the community with answers as soon as possible.
The crowd then shouted: “We will give you 72 hours to respond, if not, we will close down this office”.
Cupido however told Nampa that their request will not be met as they have protocol training in Windhoek on Thursday and Friday.
“But we will write a letter to the community to explain that to them,” Cupido said.
Humphries, when asked to respond to the allegations and the call for his resignation, said: “I am designated by the council, they must be the ones to remove me. I still have two years and seven months before my contract ends”.