Motswana traditional healer, pastor busted …healing without papers

25 Apr 2018 15:30pm

A Botswana national who works as both a traditional healer and a pastor in Windhoek was busted by the Namibian Police Forces for working in Namibia without papers on Wednesday afternoon.

When the police apprehended him, he had in is possession unidentified herbs, condoms, tubes and bottles, clothes and the tail of an animal.

The man who has been identified as Tsenolo Sekhane told Namibian Police Chief Inspector and Head of community policing National level Christina Van-Dunem da Fonsech that he had no intension of causing harm to any Namibians but that he came to heal.

Sekhane who was arrested after an unsatisfied customer complained to the police only has a passport and a church members association card as identification.

He also said that he came to Namibia through his church.

The pastor who was accompanied by a translator as he does not speak English said traditional healing is legal in his country and does not see any wrong doing in practicing it in Namibia.

“I am wrong for practising without papers but these are skills that I have inherited from my late father, he was a traditional healer before he passed on. I came here with the church” he explained.

 Sekhane  said,“I am wrong for doing what I am doing without papers but I came here with a church in Goreangab. When I am wearing my church attires I don’t do healing. I only heal when I am not being a pastor.”

Fonsech who was not impressed with the pastor’s statement urges local Namibians to refrain from believing in traditional healers saying “It’s ridiculous”.

“How can you be a pastor and a traditional healer at the same time, these people are just taking advantage of the desperate citizens, making them believe that they can be healed or their problems will be solved through taking some funny herbs. He even has condoms who knows if he is not sleeping with his clients,” she stressed. 

The pastor is currently in police custody waiting for the Ministry of Immigration to take action.