Alweendo calls for ethical behaviour in mining sector

24 Apr 2018 19:10pm
WINDHOEK, 24 APR (NAMPA) – Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo has put emphasis on the importance of ethical behaviour in the mining sector as the sector plays an important role in society.
Alweendo was speaking during the Chamber of Mines of Namibia’s annual general meeting here on Tuesday.
According to the minister, it is important that workers in the mining sector practice good governance and behave and act in a transparent manner.
“It cannot be acceptable for a government employee to enforce the Mining Act in a corrupt manner. It should also be an abomination for a mining company not to pay its taxes that are due to the government,” Alweendo noted.
The minister condemned acts in which mining companies carry out their operations in contravention of the mining legislation.
“It can also not be acceptable behaviour when employees of mining companies are not concerned about their productivity or where mining companies provide poor working conditions to their employees.”
Alweendo expressed hope to see an increase in investment in the mining sector, noting that with the much needed investment, economic development may also be increased.
“More employment can be created when we are able to open more mines, while socio economic empowerment can be more assured when more people are employed in the sector.”
He said for the above to take place, however, the Namibian mineral legislation needs to be sufficiently attractive in order to inspire new investment.
Alweendo also noted the importance of making sure that the regulatory framework is clear and comprehensive, in such a manner that investors are clear as to what is required of them.
“Additionally, it is necessary that the legal framework in place is fully enforced in an even-handed manner and on this note, I am happy that the current Mining Act is under review.”
During the occasion, Chamber of Mines President, Johan Coetzee handed over the position to Zebra Kasete, who formerly was the vice-president.