Fake Taxis on the rise in Windhoek

24 Apr 2018 15:00pm

Windhoek has become a hub for unauthorised drivers who attempt to make a living as taxi drivers, now leading up to three impounds of fake taxis by City Police per week.

In light of recent robberies, City Police spokesperson Edmund Khoaseb has cautioned citizens against getting onto suspicious taxis.

Adding that there is a huge concern in the mushrooming of fake taxi’s and public transport users should make sure to take pictures of the car’s registration number before getting in.

“It is really becoming a huge problem in the city where taxi vehicles are involved in robbery or crime issues. First of all, people should make sure they don’t get into taxi’s that have tinted windows because it is not allowed if it’s a public transport,” he said.

According to Khoaseb, taxi drivers that are on a mission to commit crime are usually not alone in the car.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a male or female, get another taxi if you see that there are more than two men in that specific car,” he explained.

Khoaseb also advised citizens to be on the outlook making sure that both number plates match.

Although he said that the police are doing its utmost best to cut out bogus taxis, he mentioned that there have been three fake taxis impounded last week Friday.

He went on to say that taxis with an agenda to commit crime usually targets NUST and UNAM students.

“In the next few months we will introduce an app that is more efficient to use when getting in a cab. It will allow passengers to have all the information on their phones about the taxi,” he noted.