13 year old arrested in Rehoboth on drug dealing charges

23 Apr 2018 15:50pm

A 13 year old was arrested alongside two adults in Rehoboth on Friday last week, for dealing drugs in front of Royal Entertainment in Block E.

During a police search on the three suspects, the police confiscated 15 x full mandrax tablets, 4 x half mandrax tablets, and 7 x Quater mandrax tablets, 31 x ballies of pure cannabis and cash of $795.

Police investigations in this case continue.

In a similar case, the police also arrested a 17 year old woman on Saturday for dealing in Cannibis.

The woman who was dealing at Block E was caught with 250 ‘bankies’ of skank during a police search, valued at N$16 000.

Investigations into this case continue.