18 secondary school teachers involved in romantic relationships with learners last year – Ministry of Education

22 Apr 2018 16:30pm

In another shocking revelation, 18 cases of teachers involved in romantic relationships with learners in secondary school last year between January to December have been uncovered by the education ministry.  

According to information provided by the ministry, two cases were recorded in Erongo region; two in Oshikoto region; two in Kunene region; three in Kavango East region; three in Kavango West region; one in Omusati region; four in Ohangwena region and one in Oshana region.  

Only two of the cases are currently being investigated and   investigations have been concluded on the others, the ministry’s public relations officer, Absalom Absalom has said.  

“Most investigations have been completed and in some of the cases the teachers have been found guilty of misconduct regarding relationships with students.  All of the accused staff are no longer with the ministry it is either they have resigned or their contracts have not been renewed,” Absalom said. 

He added that the ministry doe not keep statistics of pregnancies that result from leaner- teacher relationships but rather learner pregnancies that lead to school dropouts. 

Absalom also said that in the same period, male educators and female learner cases were the most recorded, however, only one case of a female educator and male learner was reported.   

“Such relationships as well as molestation and sexual abuse cases at schools are disheartening and a great concern for the ministry because the school environment should be a safe heaven for all children.”

“As a ministry we encourage schools to strive and ensure that the hostels and environment are safe and that learners are free from sexual harassment or sexual abuse by learners, teachers or other staff,” Absalom said. 

He added that any non professional relationship or sexual involvement of a teacher with a learner whether or not it results in pregnancy is considered to be a serious violation of the code of conduct for the teaching service and failure to comply is dealt with in terms of the Namibia Public Service Act.