Lüderitz cleans up before Crayfish Festival

28 May 2013 08:00
LÜDERITZ, 28 MAY (NAMPA) ? The harbour town of Lüderitz on Friday launched a major clean-up campaign to ensure the town is clean and tidy when visitors arrive for the sixth annual Crayfish Festival.
A total of 180 learners from various schools in Lüderitz and 20 prison inmates from the town have been enlisted to participate in the one-day cleaning campaign.
Speaking to Nampa in an interview on Tuesday, the Environmental Health Practitioner at the Lüderitz Town Council Gabriel Joseph said the cleaning exercise is an annual event, taking place every year just before the festival to improve on the town?s cleanliness.
The areas which were cleaned are the sewerage treatment plant, Agatha Beach, First Lagoon, NHE area, Aeroplane Beach and the central business district.
?Local businesses such as SPAR, OK and CYMOT responded very positively when we approached them to make donations in the form of lunch packs, soft drinks and protective clothing,? Joseph said.
The clean-up campaign is an initiative of the Crayfish Festival Organising Committee.
Lüderitz will be abuzz with activity this week due to the Crayfish Festival, business conference, and the Namibia Local Authorities' Sports and Recreation Association (NALASRA) Annual Games.